We at the Charity Dalek Squad take pride in what we do and love to share how we've made a difference to a charity or an event.

"The Charity Dalek squad came and supported our event on the first weekend in October. The day that Dalek Sec came to Eltham Library is one I will never forget, I have worked in public libraries for nearly 20 years and I have never seen such an overwhelming response. People were excited, surprised, thrilled and some a little bit scared! The interactions between Dalek Sec, the 7th Doctor and the public were amazing! 

Not only did they help us raise nearly £200 for Greenwich Foodbank, who the previous week had put out a desperate call for food donations,  they opened up a world of science fiction to a whole group of people who perhaps have not had that experience before, who may never get to a comicon or a convention. They showed people what it is like to have a passion to share it and how to pursue that for the good of others as well as being part of a greater community.  They started conversations and reminiscences about Doctor Who past and present, memories were relived, new ones made. We had so many positive comments from the public, I can’t thank them enough for that day, in everyway they went over and above our expectations (and made lots of librarians very happy, please come back and see us very soon!)"

Miriam Storey, Library Manager

Eltham Centre Library

October 2019

"The Daleks and the 7th incarnation of the Doctor invaded Nibley Festival 2019. What a fabulous and entertaining addition to our space theme for kids and adults alike. Yes they look terrifying and you’re best to approach with caution,  but these Daleks were also raising money for some great causes which is just what we like at Nibley. We highly recommend this team from Charity Dalek Squad – they’ll be a highlight at any event."

Thomas McCarthy

Nibley Festival

July 2019

"Thank you so much for your kind donation of £251.98 - with your support, together we will beat cancer."

Cancer Research UK

Farnham West St.

May 2019