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About Us


The Charity Dalek Squad (CDS) was established in 2003 to support good causes around the United Kingdom. CDS is group of professional volunteers and hobbyists who for many years have attended and organised Doctor Who and Dalek events.


The group comprises of around thirty-five Daleks, which is growing in number, of which half regularly attend events. Due to the success of the group we have added other characters and monsters to its numbers including various incarnations of the famous Timelord, the Doctor, companions and characters from the series, including his faithful robotic dog K9.


The monsters within our group comprise of Cybermen, Clockwork Droids, The Ood, Silurians, Scarecrows, and many many more. Please visit or members 'Members Profile' page for more information on our members.


Daleks by nature are evil and ruthless machine creatures who spare no mercy on their victims. Our Daleks are capable of displaying true to character attributes or if you would prefer, they can try to be more comedic over ruthless; however, please bear in mind that the Dalek image must be respected - we wouldn't want to cause upset to the BBC or the Terry Nation Estate.


To view a list of the services we offer, please click on the 'Activities and Shows' page.



Copyright © 2019 Charity Dalek Squad. All Rights Reserved. The Daleks are © 1963 BBC Worldwide and The Terry Nation Estates. The Charity Dalek Squad is not affiliated or endorsed by the BBC or Terry Nation Estates in any way. Charity Dalek Squad is a charitable hobby group and operates for the purposes of fundraising for charities and good causes only. No profit is ever made from our activities and the group is not available for private hire. Charity Dalek Squad will work with other charitable hobby groups and organisations for the purposes of fundraising.