Monsters and Characters

Welcome to monsters and characters page.
Below are a handful of our monsters and characters who you may encounter at an event with us.

Portrayed by one of our costume members, the fourth Doctor as seen in the classic series episode 'The City of Death'. This incarnation of the Doctor was partial to a Jelly Baby or two.

Sec is a replica based on the leader of the Cult of Skaro. This particular Dalek is usually seen bossing other Daleks around or eating doughnuts, one of the two.

Ray is a replica based on the Daleks seen in the classic series episode 'Power of the Daleks'. He may be shorter than the other Daleks, but he is certainly meaner.

Stark is a replica based on the new series Supreme Dalek who was the leader of all Dalek Forces and is usually seen commanding high profile missions.

Oswin is a replica based on the lead Dalek from 'The Asylum of the Daleks' who was/is particuarly fond of making soufflé.

Arthur is based on the 2005 redesign with a colour scheme that is similar to the Supreme Council Dalek from 'Planet of the Daleks'.

Jamie is a replica of the Cybermen seen is the fifth Doctor serial 'The Five Doctors'. Cyber Jamie uses his time at events as an opportunity to get away from the Cyberleader, so who knows what he's up to at any one time - usually causing mischief.

Sparky is a replica Cyberman based on the cybermen seen in the classic series episode 'The Invasion'. 

Missy, as portrayed by one of our costume members. Missy is one of the latest incarnations of 'The Master', but she couldn't go around calling that anymore, now could she?

Russell was built using the 1973 special anniversay edition of the RadioTimes which gives this excellent Dalek it's unique look.

Portrayed by one of our costume members, the eleventh Doctor as seen in series 7. This incarnation of the Doctor was unable to walk past a fez without putting trying it on. Geronimo!

Candi is a custom built Dalek and as far as we are aware the first Dalek to sport a pink colour scheme. You can see from the tag on her mid section that she is pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Davina is a time war style Dalek and is Dalek Candi's sister. Don't let her colour scheme fool you though, she is a very "Dalek" in attitude. Davina is pink to in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness. 

This replica of K9 is a faithful companion of the fourth Doctor. His bite is definately worse than his bark, but he's a good dog really.

Skelton is a replica of the Daleks seen in 'Destiny of the Daleks'. Don't mention the Movellans, he really doesn't like them very much.

Strax - one of a kind Sontaran. He's broken away from his warrior kind, but he is still very confused about his new way of living. He still loves to try and melt people with acid, but we have to keep reminding him not to do that.

This is another one of our eleventh Doctors, who is also fond of a fez but loves Jammie Dodgers too.

Jeanne Antoinette Poisson - from the Tenth Doctor episode 'The Girl in the Fireplace'. She agrees with the Doctor that "the French know how to party!"

Here is our 3rd Doctor, with an uncanny resemblance to Jon Pertwee. This version of the 3rd Doctor cosume can be seen a number of times, including in the episode 'Carnival of Monsters'.

Dolly is a replica based on the first AARU Dalek film. She parks her spaceship "In car park".

This Dalek is a replica of the Special Weapons Dalek from 'Remembrance of the Daleks'. It possesses huge firepower and not even the Daleks want to get in its way. The Dalek itself is so powerful, it has to have a 'minder' to ensure it doesn't go berserk and destroy everything. Stand back folks.  

Goldie is a replica based on the Supreme Dalek from the second AARU Dalek film. He is the one to watch out for in the Dalek races as he has raced and won at Santa Pod raceway! He also likes to pose in pictures with celebrities, which include Quinten Wilson and Jet from the Gladiators. 

Based on the renegade supreme from Remembrance of the Daleks', Skaros will often tell you the tale of how he was taked to death by the Doctor, or was he?

Skarlet is a custom style Time War Dalek and is known for being the fastest Dalek in the group when it comes to racing and has raced up Prescott Hill Climb (and Won on several occasions). Her colour is BMW Zinnerberry Red. 

Draco is a Time War style Dalek and is also based on Dalek Sec. He said once that he cannot wait to "conquer your pitiful planet". Our Daleks are jelous of his very shiny paint job.