Shows and Activities

In addition to our Daleks, Monsters and Costumers who entertain guests whilst on patrol around the event, we have listed below the activities and shows on offer to make your event a success.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss any of these activities, we can offer you guidance and support you to choose what will work best at your event.

We created this show back in 2003 and still proves to be a favourite among the crowds. This is the perfect opportunity to put questions to the Daleks. One question that you are likely to hear is "How does a Dalek go to the toilet?" - this question among others, will provoke interesting reactions from the Daleks and the answers are not always as expected. At the end of the show, the audience are given the opportunity to vote for their favourite Dalek. Which Dalek will come out on top and which will receive the wooden spoon?

A new and popular activity to our portfolio; the Daleks doing what they do best - Exterminating! 

In a battle scenario where the Daleks will attack the UNIT soldiers following a pre-planned route around an event leading to a showdown. The Daleks are victorious (naturally) in defeating the UNIT forces and continue their patrols of the event. 

It's like 'Day of the Daleks' but without the explosions (sometimes).

Take your guests on an adventure in space and time with one of our light hearted Doctor Who Plays, a feature which has proven popular at many events. Our plays will feature various incarnations of the Doctor, companions, the Daleks and some audience participation. Your guests are guaranteed to laugh and we do promise an extermination or two. 

Approx. duration: 20 minutes

Asylum of the Daleks Experience - 
It is offensive to the Daleks to exterminate such "divine hatred" and the Asylum was devised as an institution for battle scarred Daleks or those who had passed their best or have just simply gone insane - but they are just as dangerous and still armed. 

Your guests be brave enough to enter the depths of the asylum? UNIT officers will escort the guests and show the different Dalek variants whilst they're hibernating... or are they?

Approx. duration: 10 minutes which can be run a number of times throughout the event.

The Daleks and costumers will form a parade that will make its way around the venue so that visitors to the event can see all the Daleks and Costumers at the same time.

The parade usually takes place at the end of each day and will conclude at an open area where they will line up and give the guests the opportunity to take photographs with the group.

An 'Audience with the Daleks' isn't our only Q&A talk we can hold. From Dalek construction talks to cast interviews, we can do it all.

Several of the Doctors, the companions and cast members have attended our events. Jon Davey (Dalek operator, Cyberman and other monsters) is a regular attendee at our events and takes guests through his journey as a cast member on Doctor Who.

Here is a photo of John Davey with a Dalek mutant on his head (made by our very own Ben May). Depending on your requirements, we are able to invite a number of cast members to attend which will bring in many more visitors.

Cosplay Competitions are hugely popular with children (and big children too).

During an event we would announce over the venue’s tannoy system or local PA system for contestants to register their costume for entry into the competition. 

A panel of judges formed of cast members and CDS members (sometimes the Daleks) will judge the contestants. There is first and second place who will receive a rosette each and depending on budget for the event, we may be able to present a main prize for first place.

In the advertising of the event we would advise you encourage the visitors to dress up for the day. 

We work with a number of Model Makers, many of them who are members of our group who create both life-size and miniature models of fantastic quality. From static Dalek models, Cybermen, the TARDIS to Weeping Angels; this is an excellent addition to an event as we are able to create an exhibit of these props for the visitors to view.

We also work with traders in Doctor Who and Sci-Fi merchandise so your guests can take something home to remember the day.

Another favourite for the children. The Daleks will line up as obstacles and two teams of children will be formed; the first team to make it home first wins a prize. Of course, the Daleks will do things to make it even more entertaining.

Are you ready? Are you set? Go! And they're off! The Daleks race each other to be the superior being, believe us, the Daleks are very competitive in the race to be supreme! This has proven to be a great spectator activity and gives some light-hearted fun to the day.

This activity has proven to be very popular with the younger visitors to the event and can be a great break from all the excitement. 

Ahead of the event, we can provide the hosting charity/venue with picture templates for printing which can be used for colouring in.

In the 'Dalek Building Workshop' children can build their own miniature Daleks. We can suggest items to purchase ahead of the event, which usually consists of plain paper cups and sticky circular labels etc. A great oportunity to recycle and reuse every day items.